John Mainwaring


John Mainwaring has worked in the music industry since 1979 and has been signed to Warner bros WEA twice plus other record companies. John's music was produced by David Bowie's producer in the 1980s. His impressive working history has been with the Spiders from Mars, Def Leopard, Jarvis Cocker, Tony Christie and many others.


For nearly 30 years he has being paying tribute to the music of David Bowie in his band Jean Genie and has performed in many of the theatres and music venues around the world.


John's biggest artistic passion though is writing and creating music which he believes is an essential requirement of the Universe, as without music the human soul, he believes, would perish. Musically John's never been one to play to the gallery, he says firstly as an artist, "Most importantly my music has to satisfy me and it's then up to everyone else to like it or hate it."


John saw a great window of opportunity of energy working with Dave Carter as they both appeared to be on the same wavelength in what they both wanted to achieve and Dave was hungry to engineer and co produce with a professional artist.


John feels that with Dave he's at long last discovered the perfect working relationship for him to be able to create his work under the banner Magnificent Outrage.

Dave G Carter


Dave’s first drum kit was the sofa, with cushions laid out appropriately and his sister’s knitting needles as drum sticks. At the tender age of about 8, he’d be in his element playing away to the tunes on “Top Of The Pops” and on the record player. Drumming was in his blood at an early age. He's been playing a "proper" drum kit in various bands since his late teens (a looooong time ago) and is still at it with a local band - The Redemption Brothers. He enjoys playing guitar too and, of course, recording and music production.


However, after a chance meeting in the hallway of where they both lived at the time a few years ago, Dave quickly struck up a good friendship with John. With Dave's home-based recording studio setup ( DC Music Production ) and technical wizardry along with John's songwriting genius and vocal prowess, they both saw it as the perfect opportunity to combine their musical talents,. Thus, Magnificent Outrage was born.

Having taken early retirement from a 25 year career in I.T. a number of years ago, Dave now devotes much of his time to the true passions in his life. Along with playing in the band, recording with John and working on his own personal projects, he enjoys Photography, Videography and other digitally artistic ventures such as these websites. Oh, and walking his dog Milly too.

Milly (Our Diamond Studio Dog)


This section wouldn't be complete without giving our Diamond Studio Dog Milly a mention. She's never been short of providing Uncle John with plenty of snuggles throughout our time in the studio.