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"A product of

strange times"

With the devastating news no one wants to hear coupled with the start of a global pandemic, this could well have been John's final legacy to the world...

It was late 2018 when Dave & John started work on the album. Funnily enough on a song that never actually made it into the final eleven. It got reworked a couple of times but, eventually, just didn't pass the "wow" test I suppose. The learning curve was a steep one for Dave. Although recording had been an off-and-on hobby for a long time, this had to be a project audio engineered to a professional standard so there was lots of new stuff for him to get his head around. Having a degree in Medical Physics and a 25 year career in I.T. would have probably helped though initial progress was slow, but at least steady.

The pace remained gradual with a long summer break in 2019. This was, after all, a very personal project, especially for John. Most of the songs were focused on his life and the special connection he felt with his hero David Bowie. There were no deadlines to meet and the only people they really had to satisfy artistically were themselves.

Things were moving along nicely when the bombshell struck. Early in 2020, John was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time, the world was quickly being consumed by a global pandemic, the likes of which we hadn't seen in our lifetimes. It was the strangest of times with the emotional uncertainty of our lives ahead. The album took on a special meaning but was hampered even further by the initial government lockdown. To cut a much longer story short though, work continued on the album through the fact that Dave and John could be in each other's support bubble and, after many months of treatment, John had the best news possible and was given the all clear. The album would certainly still be held in a special place for them but it also meant that the partnership could continue and follow-up albums are in the pipeline.

Dave and John were, without doubt, on the same wavelength with regards to the sound they wanted. Both were decidedly unimpressed with many of today's mainstream "assembly line" glossy pop productions so it was important for the album to have a raw edge, "in ya face", live band feel to it and both were pretty satisfied that had been achieved.

Dedicated to the memory of

David Bowie