Johnny was a Doll

Updated: May 14, 2021

Johnny was a Doll is the second song on the Album.

I don't normally write about myself personally but this song is about me. It's basically a collection of references and memories of when i was young.

At the end of the song i make references to my Auntie Sue my brother my Uncle John and Auntie Joan, Uncle Jim and Alison, all of us being on holiday together when disaster struck in the form of two young girls drowning in the sea, and me getting lost in the sand dunes for hours and hours.

So yes it's a mish mash of memories all put together in a song.

Dave and myself decided to put some mellotron on the chorus, i think it works really well, i think Dave's laid back guitar solo on this song is really cool too.

Hope you find it interesting.

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