No rest for the wicked...

... as the saying goes... or should that be "peace"? Anyway, whatever, it feels good to be recording again even though we've been far from sitting down with our feet up since completion of the album. Sales of the CD have exceeded expectations and the feedback has been phenomenal. It all requires management and administration, of course, and that alone has kept us pretty busy with processing the orders and posting the CDs.

While John's been writing the next song, I've been kept busy in the studio too. Purchase of a new professional-level audio interface has been the main event. In very simple terms, it's basically the device that we plug the microphones and instruments into that enables us, in turn, to record into the computer. They're not the simplest things on Earth to configure. Some aspects are fairly straightforward while others seem to require a Ph.D in Rocket Science in order to understand. I've got a Physics degree and had a career in I.T. but I still find some of the instructions as clear as mud. On top of learning how to use this, I've also been learning a little more about the main recording software we use called Cubase Pro and how to connect my electronic drum kit to the drum software I've been using. I guess I'm just a plain old gear nerd at heart but, it keeps me busy and out of trouble, lol.

Then there's the music software. Today's technology allows us music producers to incorporate instruments and sounds into our masterpieces that would never have been possible (or affordable) 10 years ago. Hiring Abbey Road Studios and a 100 piece orchestra to record a section of a song would cost in excess of £100,000. The Abbey Road One Sample Library gives me that option on my computer for a tiny fraction of the cost. Since finishing the album, I've splurged out an obscene amount of money on more virtual instruments and sample libraries. Good ones are not cheap and once you get into this game at a fairly serious level, the bank balance can take a real bashing. But, hey, this is a lifelong passion we're talking about and when I read all the fabulous comments that are being made about the album, I know the investment is worth every penny.

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