Older than the Sun

Older than the Sun is a song about me coping with my personal bereavement of the loss of David Bowie.

I'm questioning my own life here also and how long I'd got left to live due to me being diagnosed with cancer.

All the parallels came to the surface in this song and I was missing David Bowie not being here.

I was genuinely starting to feel like I was older than the sun and that my time here on Earth was running out.

I had kind of given up on this song and its production and thought it wasn't good enough, but Dave my engineer and co producer informed me that it was actually his personal favourite song of them all that I'd written. So I decided to let him run with it as he wanted to have a go at salvaging the song, He completely removed the drums replaced the bass and completely turned things around making it sound great and presentable, I was impressed.

It was the first time I'd ever played Saxophone on a track too.

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