The Shroud and the Jew

I'm reasonably sure that another existence comes into play after we leave our bodies and I believe that our consciousness cannot be extinguished and there are other reasons why I believe this also.

So yes I believe there is life after life and it all involves consciousness being completely separate from the physical being. Our bodies are merely what we frequent whilst on learning journeys for the soul.

After doing some research, I've also come to the conclusion that I believe the Turin shroud is indeed the burial cloth of Jesus and that some kind of supernatural event took place in the tomb.

In this song, I put both beliefs together singing about going home and departing from my earthly existence and meeting my Uncle John who I believe, as well as others, are waiting for me on the other side.

I was battling cancer so all my beliefs were coming to a head in this composition, i was quite literally screaming bring it all on and that I was ready for anything.

For me it's an unusual song and production,and once again I found myself playing saxophone on it.

Hope you find it interesting.

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