We Were Stars.

This is a Love song about a gorgeous black country girl that came into my life a couple of years ago. Elara was just 24, so the age gap difference was significant but that didn't stop us from falling in love and I will always have strong feelings for her until the day I die.

It was a highly passionate and exciting relationship and she was like a caring warm and glowing light who made me feel young again, at time when i was sad and splitting up with my partner. For such a young person she was one of the most creative and mature people I'd ever met. She most definitely had an old Indian soul, of that there is no doubt.

Long term sadly due to the vast age gap we both knew it could never really be so we let each other go but we shall always remain friends forever.

We're happy with the way the song turned out but it wasn't the easiest song to record and mix due to its emotional content but we got there in the end.

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